Saturday, June 14, 2014

Great quote

"Envisioning the end is enough to put the means in motion."
-- Dorothea Brande, Writer

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Unraveling the Situation

Is your company in chaos?  Do you feel that everything is out of sorts?????  Don't panic, there is a soultion!!!!!  I have created a great concept to help companies unravel any problem they are facing.  The concept is called:  The TEAM Concept.

Target the goal-  When a company is facing numorous "Unraveling situations".  The first approach is not to react to the visible collateral.  A problem is a visible manisfestation of a violation.  The first strategy is to come together and discuss what the goal.  For example, if you are having low morale in the office.  Your target goal would be to create an atmosphere that has high energy and the people are motivated and productive.   

Everyone's input- The next step is that you want everyone's input to get a buy in.  If management comes in and starting changing everything and making demands on everyone, resistance will surface, rather than responsibility.  When people feel they can be apart of the solution, they are more self motivated to follow through. 

Attitude that's positive- We know in any organization, attitude is everything.  Attitudes are very contagious, whether it is negative or positive. An attitude is created by what one believes about the outcome. So, a negative attitude derives from a belief that there is no solution or the solution that's stated will not work.  Creating a postive attitude is developing a belief system that every problem has a possible solution.  

Management-The last step in unraveling any situation is management.  This is key to future stablity in the company. Management has two stages:
Stage one is implementation-This stage is creating a plan of how to implement your solution.

Stage two is oversight-This stage is creating a plan to monitor your progress.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nailing Down My Thoughts

There are so much rolling around in my head!  I will take this time to "Nail Down My Thoughts":
-I know my purpose!
-I know what I'm designed to be and do!
-I know to Live a Life without Regrets!
-I know I'm rightfully positioned!
-I know I'm impacting people's lives!
-I know I have a great support system!
-I know I am in transition!
-I know I am a wealthy man!
-I know I will travel to nations!
-I know I'm successful!
-I know I'm an author!
-I know I have an awesome wife & family!
-I know great opportunities are in store for me! 
-I know I'm fulfilled!

June 04,2014 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 Types of Attitudes

3 types of Attitudes to be Successful

1. Expectant Attitude - believe that what's in front of you is greater than what's behind you.

2. Resilient attitude- refuse to allow anything to distract or discourage you. You have the power to bounce back from any difficulties!

3.  Grateful Attitude- appreciate someone daily and live with gratitude!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great Quote

"Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat"
-- Napoleon Hill, Motivational Writer

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Dad: Rev. Legree Banks

My dad's name is Legree Banks.   He was 6'6 in statue.  He was a very serious man, a hard worker and provided well for our family. He was married to my mom for over 40 years.  My dad loved to collect things, study the Bible and help others.  My dad died 13 years ago from a number of health issues.  As I reflected upon my dad's life, I stumbled upon a startling revelation.   My dad died from regret. Regret is defined to mourn the loss or death of something.  My dad mourned the loss the death of his dreams.  My dad had a lot of dreams; to own property, Pastor a church and start an orphanage. Due to being plagued with fear, he took these dreams with him to the grave. My dad retired from a job he worked on for 30 years . A job just to pay the bills, but no fulfillment in it.  After he retired, his language began to change.  He began to say phases: "I shouldn've, I could've, I would've". After some time, these phrases faded and my dad became silent.  He would stare off and not utter a word for hours.  Soon after that, various types of sickness began to set in. With the complications of the sickness, my dad died Feb. 12, 2001.  In my reflective mode, I saw a pattern that I could traced back to regret. He said things that he regreted he didn't do.  Then he became silent.  Silence lead to sickness and sickness lead to his death.   My honor my father and all that he went through.  He has taught me a tremendous lesson.... To LIVE LIFE WITH NO REGRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Learning to Relax!!!!!

I'm taking the day off today.  I'm sitting in Starbucks, listening to some mellow jazz music trying to wind down.  I just realize that I have not taken a day off in over a year and I don't know how to relax!!!!!  My mind is racing with all the things I need to do and could create.  I have a driven personality and I love being productive.  But I think what I am great at is starting to hinder me from relaxing!  Well.... as I sit here, I will share some thoughts of how to learn to relax!
Relax means to return to a "lax" state. Relaxing is a learned skill, that must done intentionally and regularly.  Here are some practical principles to start the process of RELAXING!!!!!!

Permission-our mind, from childhood, is conditioned to get permission to do anything. In school,  we have to raise our hands and get permission to answer a question, to be the leader of the line and to go to the restroom.  Now we are adults, we still subconsciously need permission to do things.  We need to develop "Self Permission".  Self Permission is giving yourself permission to do things that will keep you healthy and productive.  Say this: "I give myself permission today to relax".  You may have to say it three to four times to get it to stick!!!

Plan-Since I'm driven,  I can't just sit around and do nothing.  Seem like a paradox, but I have to be productive when I'm relaxing!!  Plan your relaxing day with activities that relaxes you.  I like to:
1. Eat lunch at a downtown resturant 
2. Hang out  at a coffee shop
3. Catch a movie
4. Dream

Program your mind- As I stated earlier, relaxing is a learned skill.  Relaxing does not come naturally.  You have to be intentional.  You program your mind with two principles: R&R (Resist & Rest).
You have to program your mind to resist guilt, obligations, distractions and negativity.  It's amazing, as soon as you start to relax, your mind overflows with all this stuff you need to do, should be doing and things you forgot to do.  You must decide to resist these thoughts and press into relaxing.  The next R is Rest.  Rest is consciously controlling your breathing.  You must take slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Take some time out of your busy, hectic day and develop these three components.  I have tried them and I am starting to relax!!!!  Until next time